About Us

ACRI-ST is a member of the ACRI Group established in 1989, comprising companies that provide services the scope of which spans from satellite remote sensing, ocean & land surveys to hydraulic civil engineering through environmental research, computational fluid dynamics and dynamic similitude.

The ACRI group consists of a hundred people spread across all office sites.

ACRI logo: the birth of the ACRI brand

ACRI-ST, through its subsidiaries established in France and worldwide, is a supplier to space agencies (simulation of space-based sensors; operational chains development; processing, archiving and mission performance centres) and develops/operates environmental services, based on Copernicus-like data, to end users.

Born from a research company, ACRI-ST sustains a strong R&D in satellite remote sensing of the ocean, coastal waters, shoreline, continental waters, land cover and land use, as well as features and dynamics modelling and data assimilation in models. Innovation feeds the services in data collection, processing, archiving and distribution, in information design including environmental risk assessment, health changes and ecological mitigations (e.g. air quality, water quality, storm water collection – drainage – sewage, rivers restoration), as well as support to economic activities (e.g. aquaculture and shellfish farming, shipping and off-shore activities, insurance).

ACRI-ST awards

  • In November 2019, and for the 3rd consecutive year, ACRI-ST through its CEO, Odile Hembise Fanton d’Andon, was laureate of the National Women Equity Awardnational ranking of the 50 most successful companies (out of about 5000 managed by women) in terms of revenue growth and profitability.
  • In 2015, Odile Fanton d’Andon’s involvement in OSS2015 project (Ocean Strategic Services beyond 2015) allowed her to receive the “Etoiles de l’Europe” (Stars of Europe) PrizeThis award is handed over by the French Ministry of Education and Research to coordinators of particularly successful EU-funded research projects led from France.


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